Agreement Disclaimer Examples

Agreement Disclaimer Examples: Protecting Your Business

If you`re running a business, it`s important to protect yourself by having an agreement disclaimer in place. An agreement disclaimer is a statement that sets the terms and conditions of your business, and it`s intended to protect you from liability. By using an agreement disclaimer, you can explain your expectations of your customers or clients and help prevent misunderstandings from arising.

Here are some examples of agreement disclaimers you might want to consider:

1. Liability Disclaimer

A liability disclaimer is a statement that limits your liability for a particular product or service. It`s common for businesses to have these disclaimers, especially if they offer a risky or potentially dangerous product or service. For example, you might include a liability disclaimer in your copywriting contracts if you`re a freelance writer. This disclaimer would state that you`re not responsible for any damages or losses that your clients may experience as a result of your writing.

2. Intellectual Property Disclaimer

An intellectual property disclaimer is a statement that protects your business`s intellectual property rights. This might include trademarks, copyrights, or patents. By including this disclaimer in your terms of service, you can protect your business from unauthorized use of your intellectual property. For example, if you offer a software product, you might include an intellectual property disclaimer that prohibits users from reverse-engineering your software.

3. Investment Disclaimer

If you offer an investment opportunity, it`s important to include an investment disclaimer. This type of disclaimer explains the risks involved in the investment and protects your business from lawsuits if the investment doesn`t perform as expected. For example, if you`re a financial advisor, you might include an investment disclaimer in your contracts that explains that investing always carries risk and you can`t guarantee a particular outcome.

4. Privacy Disclaimer

A privacy disclaimer is a statement that explains how you collect, use, and protect your customers` personal information. This is especially important if you collect sensitive information like credit card details or medical data. By including a privacy disclaimer in your terms of service, you can help protect your customers` confidentiality and avoid legal trouble. For example, if you`re a healthcare provider, you might include a privacy disclaimer in your patient forms that explains how you keep their medical information secure.

5. Endorsement Disclaimer

An endorsement disclaimer is a statement that clarifies whether or not your business has a financial interest in promoting a particular product or service. This is important for businesses that offer affiliate marketing opportunities or endorse other products. By including an endorsement disclaimer in your terms of service, you can help prevent misunderstandings about your relationship with other businesses. For example, if you`re a blogger who promotes affiliate products, you might include an endorsement disclaimer that explains that you may receive compensation for any purchases made through your affiliate links.


An agreement disclaimer is an essential part of protecting your business. By including one in your terms of service or contracts, you can help prevent misunderstandings, limit your liability, and protect your intellectual property. Use these examples as a starting point as you create your own agreement disclaimers specific to your business needs.